Enjoy a Safe Property All Winter Long with Our Snow Shoveling Service in Wellesley, MA

Experience Greater Convenience This Season

As fellow homeowners in the Boston Metrowest region, the team at Lighthouse Landscape Plowing know just how intimidating our seasonal snow can be–but we don’t think that should stop anyone from living their active lives and enjoying everything the season has to offer! That’s why we provide snow removal services specially suited for residential areas, so you can enjoy a safe and accessible property that’s ready for family and friends alike.

Residential Snow Removal Includes:

  • Shoveling & Hand Labor for Driveways & Walkways

  • Salting & Sanding for Driveways & Walkways

  • On-site Snow Relocation

  • Off-site Snow Hauling

What sets Lighthouse Landscape Plowing apart from the competition is our thoroughness, efficiency, and safety. Every project we undertake is completed with special consideration given to prevent damage to your property and make your property as accessible as possible. If you have any questions regarding our residential snow removal services, please contact us at 781-237-4422 today.